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Challenging Islamophobia

Islam Reference List

Muslims Against Extremism

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Courses/Seminars Offered:

Know Your Rights Workshop
Muslim Youth Leadership Program
Islamophobia Seminar
Understanding Islam
Understanding Political Islam
Understanding Islamic Jurisprudence
Understanding Islam and Muslims Through History and Jurisprudence
End of Life Care in the Muslim Tradition

CAIR PA provides seminars and classes to enhance understanding of Islam and Muslims. It sponsors interfaith dialogue in conjunction with churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious and educational institutions.

Parent or Student Anti-Bullying Workshop

This workshop is for parents and/or students who are interested in gaining knowledge of religious rights in school and how to answer tough questions about Muslims and Islam. The youth workshop focuses on building a positive American Muslim identity and learning to identify and report bullying and harassment. Learn more…

Know Your Rights Workshop

This workshop covers the basic legal rights available to American Muslims and covers issues such as the Muslim community’s relations with local and federal law enforcement, safe charitable giving, rights to religious accommodation in work and with the government, immigration issues, and rights in schools. Learn more…

Civic Engagement Workshop

This workshop will inform and train American-Muslims to become more civically involved and to implement a way of life in which they can be citizens who participate in the community at the local, state, and federal level. The goal of the workshop is to transform everyday people into extraordinary citizens who help improve conditions for American-Muslims and shape the community’s future. (Contact us for more information.)

Islam 101 Presentations

Our presentation builds understanding by educating the non-Muslim American public about Muslim traditions and contributions in the context of America’s history. The presentation covers essential basics of Islam, the beliefs and practices of the faith, and its relation to other faith traditions. (Contact us for more information.)

Understanding Islam 10-Part Course

This course approaches Islam from a historical and scriptural perspective, covering the foundations of the religion and then building on the economic, political, and cultural institutions that arose in Muslim societies. It covers the Golden Age of Muslim civilization and then discusses its decline. Contemporary issues faced by Muslims and Muslim societies will be covered. A final unit covers the involvement of the U.S. in the Muslim world and its ramifications. Learn  more…

Interfaith Educational Presentations

All faith traditions share core values. Holding panel discussions with your neighboring religious communities helps bring to light the many commonalities in ethical values that are often overlooked. (Contact us for more information.)

Contemporary Issues: Faith and Extremism (Workshop or Presentation)

CAIR-Philadelphia delivers presentations on this challenging topic, as well as workshops designed to train and empower the Muslim community on how to respond to difficult and pointed questions. We discuss how and why some individuals are drawn to extremism and violence and how and why Islamic source texts are misinterpreted by both Muslim extremists and Islamophobes. (Contact us for more information.)

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